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Course Description:

Site Security and Control

In an emergency, the Project Team Leader (or designated representative) must know who is on site and must be able to control the entry of personnel into the hazardous areas to prevent additional injury and exposure. Only necessary rescue and response personnel should be
allowed into the Exclusion Zone.

One control technique is a checkpoint or series of checkpoints through which all personnel entering or exiting the site must Pass, e.g., a Support Zone checkpoint and an Exclusion Zone checkpoint. Identification or authorization must be presented to a Checkpoint Control Manager,
who records each person's:
· Name (and affiliation if offsite personnel).
· Status (in or out).
· Time of entry.
· Anticipated exit time.
· Zones or areas to be entered.
· Team or "buddy."
· Task being performed.
· Location of task.
· Protective equipment worn; air time left.
· Rescue and response equipment used.

The emergency area Checkpoint Control Manager should inform the Project Team Leader if a person remains in the emergency area beyond his or her anticipated exit time.

Personal Locator Systems

In an emergency, it is vital for the Project Team Leader (or designee) and rescue personnel to rapidly determine where workers are located and who may be injured. A passive locator system (i.e, a written record of the location of all personnel on site at any time) could be used to help find
personnel in an emergency. Any such system should be:
· Graphic (such as a drawing with a written key).
· Roughly drawn to scale, with the scale and visible landmarks included.
· Kept current.
· Easy to locate.
· Stored outside the HAZWOPER Exclusion Zone.
A good passive locator system is a site map with flags or color-headed pins identifying each worker.

Active locator systems can also be used. These are worn or carried by individual personnel, and are activated by actions such as flipping a switch, a decrease in air supply, or a fell. They have the advantage of precisely locating Individuals.


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